Hello “New-Age” PR World!

Hello World!

My career in PR has since lead to an exciting new take on the industry and lead me on a digital journey. I’ve seen and experienced a major paradigm shift in the way agencies handle communications for corporations big and small since social media started to bubble, growing beyond just the teenager demographic. Today, professionals are start seek out newer integrated PR/marketing strategies for their organization and themselves – now do you understand why I’m here?

The Louder Professional is a place where you can understand the direction the industry is heading. Here you can learn tips on how to take your everyday use of social media to maximize your business and professional presence online.

Let’s also discover what the “New Agency” will look like and the digital forces behind it. Also, for those of you in the San Francisco Bay area, stay in “the know” and view the calendar on this blog for upcoming events and opportunities to expand your network and meet professionals offline.  If you are interested in placing an event on the calendar, please send your submission to LouderPR(at)Gmail.com.

My overall goal is to keep you interested, entertained and informed. If you want me to discuss a topic – just ask.

I’ll share my experiences and knowledge with you, but also welcome your feedback, criticism, and ideas.

“I truly want this to be a place for people to learn how to increase their visibility, create a voice online, use social media, and get LOUD!” (-ME!)

About me:

After studying Organizational Communications at SFSU, I went on to working at an award-winning international agency serving top clients in healthcare, non-profit and technology sectors.  My areas of expertise include Executive visibility, public speaking, event marketing and promotion, and not to mention – social media.

Use your voice, share your ideas with me and everyone in this community.


Until next time…

The Louder Professional


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